UTAS to help underpin national storage cloud

The University of Tasmania is to play a significant role in the development of Australia’s 100-petabyte storage cloud.

A $50 million Federal Government project, part of the Super Science initiatives announced in the May Budget, the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project is intended to transform the way in which research data collections are stored and accessed nationally.

The first stage of the storage network will see the creation of five nodes (data stores). Four primary nodes are to be established in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide, with the additional node allocated to Tasmania. UTAS will work with CSIRO, the Australian Antarctic Division and the State Government in establishing the Tasmanian node.

It is expected that the national storage network will by 2014 will offer Australian researchers access to around 100 petabytes of data (a petabyte is equivalent to 1000 terabytes or one quadrillion bytes).

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