Nectar Cloud Starter Training

The new paradigm of cloud computing has become the most effective way for researchers to use computing and storage resources. The Nectar research cloud (built on OpenStack) delivers these resources freely to researchers throughout Australia. If you’re interested in using the latest in cloud computing to help your research but are unsure how, this is the course for you!

TPAC hold regular Nectar Cloud Starter workshops that run for one day as a number of tutorials. Each workshop is limited to 25 participants, with up to 3 trainers present.

A brief outline of the workshop content:

9am – Start

  • OpenStack, mapped by the dashboard
  • Your free computer: up and running
  • Accessing and updating your new computer

10h30am – 11h00am: Break

  • Moving data to and from your new computer
  • We can still run our graphical applications

12h00am – 1h00pm: Break

  • Snapshots: Backups, vertical scaling
  • Transient storage (don’t rely on it!) and sharing

3h00pm – 3h30: Break

  • Securing and maintaining your instance

4h30pm – Day end.

Do I need anything to attend?

Because Nectar Cloud Starter Workshop is a hands on day of tutorial sessions, there are a few requirements to make sure you will get the most out of the session.

  • A wifi capable laptop
  • Success connecting to the Eduroam wifi network operated nationally. Eduroam is offered at UTAS, and should appear in your wi-fi networks list. Your UTAS login credentials should work to allow connection. If you are having problems we recommend contacting UTas Service Desk.
  • Success logging in to the Nectar research cloud, Again your local credentials should work.
How do I book or get more information?

If you would like to find our more about these workshops including dates, or book your spot please contact UTas eResearch (TPAC)