Open OnDemand HPC Portal

  1. What Is Open OnDemand?
    • Open OnDemand serves as an HPC portal that provides web-based access to HPC resources.
  2. User Authentication and Session Creation:
    • First you will need to have already applied for and have been granted a HPC account using this form – HPC Account Application Form
    • Once an account has been approved and created users need to create a session via a kunanyi login website,, using their UTas email and password.
  3. Open OnDemand Dashboard Menus Provide:
    • Files: Provides a GUI interface for managing a user’s home and scratch directories.
    • Jobs:
      • Active Jobs: Monitor currently running jobs.
      • Job Composer: Create and submit new jobs.
    • Clusters: Access the kunanyi login node CLI via a web browse.
    • Interactive Apps:
      • kunanyi Desktop: Start a web-based desktop session, see picture below.
        • Note: If your desktop session fails to start, delete ~/.Xauthority and ~/.Xauthority-c then try starting another desktop session. If the desktop session is still failing to launch submit a Service Now ticket here.
    • My Interactive Sessions: View and manage any interactive sessions, this includes desktop sessions.
    • Enable Jumpbox SSH: Enables a 5 minute window during which direct ssh connections to can be initiated. More information can be found here –

kunanyi Desktop